Prototype and validate new service concepts with a focus on long-term outcomes.

Impact driven innovation

The Prototyping for Impact toolkit was designed to help you quickly prototype and validate new service concepts. It can guide your service innovation processes, always keeping focus on the desired long-term impact of the new service. Itconsists of cards and templates that will help you efficiently structure innovation activities and think about what kind of evidence you should aim to collect to demonstrate impact.

Who is it for

Everyone involved with service innovation;

Public sector organisations, NGOs and charities that aim to measure social impact;

Movers and shakers that want to innovate quickly and need a way to overcome internal organisational barriers.

How you can use it

The toolkit borrows from a number of innovation frameworks and concepts, such as Theory of Change, Lean Startup and Design Thinking. It should be used in the spirit of these frameworks.

The download pack (below) includes basic instructions on how you can use it, but please let us know if you find use for it in a different context.

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